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Swim Waipa offers a wide range of swim programmes for all ages and abilities. From baby water familiarisation classes to competitive swimming as well as cross training for other codes, to boat safety and everything in between. We pride ourselves on quality and diversity.
If you're interested in enrolling into one of our swim classes or to book a free, no obligation assessment, please call the Te Awamutu Events Centre on (07) 871 2080 ext 3 to talk to one of our Swim Waipa team or email them at swimwaipa@gowaipa.com..

Gold Quality Swim School

Swim Waipa were delighted to be awarded with a Gold Quality Swim School Accreditation by Swimming New Zealand in 2017


Come along and enjoy special time with your baby/toddler. The children learn that water is a supportive and fun environment through songs and games. The baby/toddler and pre-school classes are scheduled between 8.30am and 12.00pm Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursdays, and Saturdays. We require a parent or caregiver over the age of 16 years, in the water with the Baby/Toddler in approved swimwear. Ratio – 1:6 Cost: $14.00/30 minute lesson.

                           ****SPECIAL OFFER FOR PLUNKET BABIES****

Enrol for a full term of swimming lessons and receive two lessons free!!

- Full term = 10 weeks. Offer valid until  3 May 2019.

Call into reception to redeem this offer and enrol.


(3-5 years)

In these classes the children learn enjoyment of the water, safe entries, floating unaided on their front and back as well as movement through the water using paddling arms and kicking. Classes run Monday – Thursday mornings from 8.30am till 12.00pm with limited classes available on Saturdays. Ratio – 1:4 Cost: $14.00/30 minute lesson

School Age

Classes start for children who are unable to float right through to children learning to roll and breathe and then swimming up to 15m. The school aged and some pre-school classes are held after school from 3.30pm – 6.30pm and Saturday mornings from 8.30am - 12.00pm. The children are assessed and placed in classes with others of similar ability. Lessons are held in the learner/hydrotherapy pool with a ratio – 1:4 Cost: $14.00/30 minute lesson

Main Pool Swimming

These lessons combine the end of Learn-to-Swim with the beginning of squad levels. They also incorporate those older children who are just learning to swim. Classes cater for children with a good basic level of swimming ability through to children wanting to improve their water safety skills and/or cross train for other sports such as water polo, surf lifesaving, kayaking, surfing and triathlons. Ratio up to 1:6. Cost varies depending on level and timeframe of lesson but is based on $14.00/ 30 minute lesson.

Adult Learn to Swim

There are private adult swim lessons for beginners as well as those wanting to develop correct technique and fitness. Ratio 1:1 Cost $30.00/30 minute lesson.

Adult Swimfit

Adult Swimfit classes are for available for those wishing to take their swimming fitness to the next level and/or participate in open water swimming events. Contact Swim Waipa for details.

Cost: $10.00 per class 

Intensive Lessons

Intensive swim programmes are conducted during the school holidays for children. Programmes of this nature are ideal for improving and gaining confidence in the water as well as improving swimming skills fast and effectively. Please register at reception or email the Swim Waipa team at swimwaipa@gowaipa.com

Kick start - 1:1 4 days x 20 minutes $80.00 (15th - 18th April)

Race Clinics

Race clinics are generally held throughout the holidays for school aged students who are looking to refine their techniques for starts, turns, and speed of stroke. Race clinics provide an ideal opportunity for swimmers to ready themselves for local and regional school swimming sports. Ratio 1:4 Cost $15/45 minute lesson.

Safe Boating

The Safe Boating Programme is an initiative designed to provide practical boating and water safety experience for school children and groups regardless of their confidence in the water. The programme includes in-water survival techniques, essential safety equipment (e.g. correct lifejacket selection and fitting), the importance of communication and taking responsibility for personal safety. Boating activities are taught in a fun, controlled and safe environment. Group classes are run by appointment. For further information email the Swim Waipa team at swimwaipa@gowaipa.com

Swim Waipa Club #TASC

Squad swimming is holistic, flexible and develops swimmers at the appropriate pace for their age and stage ensuring they are reaching their potential. There is no expectation for squad swimmers to be involved in competitive swimming,

Swim Waipa Club #TASC ensures swimmers who want to be involved in competitive swimming are fully supported. We believe a balanced approach to training and competing will ensure swimmers stay in the sport longer and will develop a life long love for the sport.

For all enquiries regarding Swim Waipa Club please contact Swim Waipa Director of Swimming, Gaylene Eyre on gaylene.eyre@gowaipa.com or 871 2080 ext 3

Squads (all ages)

Swordfish - 45 mins 1 session per week. Ratio: 1:8 Cost: $55.00 per month

Sailfish – 60 mins 1 session per week. Ratio: 1:8. Cost: $60.00 per month

Bronze – 60 mins 2 x per week + 1 land-based session (optional) Cost: $80.00 per month

Silver – 75 mins per session 3 x per week + 2 land-based sessions (optional) Cost: 100.00 per month

Gold Standard – 90 mins per session 5 x swims per week + 2 land-based sessions. Cost: $130.00 per month

GoldFlexi - 90 mins per session 3 swims per week + 2 land-based sessions (optional) Cost: $115.00 per month.

Thank you to the supporters of Swim Waipa Club #TASC

For more information, call Swim Waipa at the Te Awamutu Events Centre on (07) 8712080 ext 3


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